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Fishing is one of the best ways to create memorable experiences and strong bonds with family, friends and loved ones. Enjoyable experiences illicit great conversations & happy memories long after material possessions have made their way into yard sales or the trash. Memories of great experiences will last a lifetime and bring smiles to faces when we recall all of the great times we had. With that in mind giving the gift of fishing is among the most thoughtful and valuable gifts a person can give. 

In this post we cover 7 gift ideas for beginning, casual and experienced anglers. The good news is you won't bust your budget or have to take out a small loan. Each of these gifts are affordable and quality products from trusted brands.

1. Plano Take Me Fishing™ Tackle Kit

Introducing youth to fishing can spawn a life long love of the sport. Too often today our youth are watching T.V. or playing video games inside and missing out on the many wonders of the world outside of their house. Take a kid fishing and they will learn the virtues of patience and responsibility. 

2. Zebco Splash Spincast Combo



Spincast combos are great for new anglers to learn the basics of fishing. They are simple and easy to use. Simply push the button and cast out. No flipping bails, no line overruns or complicated drag systems to worry about. Just tie on the the tackle, bait the hook and cast out. Spincast combos are also easy on the budget. Ideal for catching panfish and other small fish.

3. Eagle Claw Dock Rod Combo


The Eagle Claw Dock Rod Combo is a perfect gift for the beginning angler or the casual angler. They are compact and lightweight making them easy to store & carry. Keep one in the car, take one on the bike ride to the park or the hike up to your favorite little pond. These are great for catching panfish and trout.

4. Okuma Steeler XP Spinning Combo



If the angler on your list has some experience and needs to level up their gear this is a great place to start. Fish for bass, trout and more with this Okuma XP Spinning Combo. Toss lures or just fish with a hook and a worm Either way you can't miss with this setup. The handy 2 piece construction makes this combo a breeze to transport. 

5. Frogg Toggs Chilly Pad



The Chilly Pad by Frogg Toggs is the real deal when it comes to keeping you cool during those hot & humid summer days. Whether you're fishing, burning up at the jobsite or out at the ballpark cheering on your favorite team trust the Chilly Pad to keep you cooler and more comfortable. 

6. Strike King Fishing Sunglasses



Proper eye protection from sunlight and glare is often overlooked by anglers. These Strike King Fishing Sunglasses feature eleven layers of superior polarized lens technology. The S11 Optics have scientifically engineered lens colors and bi-gradient mirror treatment that provides extra protection from sunlight and reflection. S11's Super Hydrophobic Coating repels oils, dust, and water which prevents water spots. Anti-reflective coating prevents light from bouncing off the rear of the lens to the eye, resulting in a clearer, non-distorted image. Just like sunblock is important to protect our skin, sunglasses are necessary to protect our eyes. 

7. Flying Fisherman Performance Fishing Hoodie


When it comes to fishing, the clothes we choose must be practical and functional. It wouldn't hurt if they also looked great. Flying Fisherman has struck the perfect balance of performance, style & comfort. Flying Fisherman® long sleeve performance hoodie adds comfort and style with UPF 30+ protection, moisture wicking technology and odor control. Stay protected from the sun's harmful rays without sacrificing range of movement or comfort. 

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