5 Excellent Spinning Reel Options for Crappie Fishing

The fall season can be a very busy time. The leaves are changing, the temperatures are dropping and the crappie are preparing for the winter. They do this by going on a shad feeding frenzy as they move from their deeper cooler summer hangouts to the shallower flats before heading out once again to the deeper waters as winter sets in. Knowing when and where to target crappie is half of the battle. The other half is having the right tackle & gear. In this installment we will review 5 spinning reels that are ideal for this type of fishing. Let's get started. 

 1. Quantum Energy S3 PT Size 15 Spinning ReelQuantum Energy Size 15 Spinning Reel

This is the most expensive reel that will be discussed in this article. People that fish with Quantum Reels love them. There are many comparisons to Shimano quality, but at about half the price. It should also be noted that Quantum reels carry an exceptional 5 Year Limited Warranty. Quantum believes in the product they produce.  

The Quantum Energy S3 PT Size 15 spinning reel is engineered for high performance fishing. It has a 5.3:1 gear ratio that gobbles up 26" of line per crank. This is a near perfect rate for crappie fishing. Equipped with 8BB + 1RB and a Continuous Anti-Reverse Clutch for smooth retrieves and solid hooksets. Maxcast 2.0 ensures that the line comes off in tight coils, reducing friction and producing long, smooth, effortless casts. The handle is interchangeable for right or left-hand retrieves. It is fitted with comfortable EVA handle knobs to keep you comfortable all day long. Speaking of fishing all day long, this reel weighs only 6.9 oz., you can fish all day with less fatigue.

The spool is suited for both monofilament line and braided line. Rated for 140 yards of 6 lb. test mono or 130 yards of 20 lb. test braid you'll have ample line capacity for a variety of fishing techniques. Outfitted with a performance tuned Razor Rotor 2.0 and titanium bail, this reel is built to battle without vibration or wobble. With 7 lbs. of max drag force there is more than enough power to land the biggest crappie and panfish. 

To sum it up, the Quantum Energy S3 PT Size 15 Spinning Reel uses premium materials and technologies to give you a reel that is designed to battle efficiently and built to last.

2. Okuma Ceymar C10 Spinning Reel 

This little reel punches above it's weight class. With over 90 reviews on Google and 100's more on Amazon this little reel is carries customer satisfaction ratings of 4.8 and 4.7 respectively. Okuma is known for producing high quality affordable fishing gear. They are also well known for producing gear that gets folks excited about fishing. This reel delivers on both fronts.

It has great looks with the machined & ported aluminum anodized red & black spool. But fishing isn't all about the looks, it's also about performance. These reels are engineered with a host of high tech features you might expect to find only on higher end, more expensive reels. For example, RESII: The Computer Balanced Rotor Equalizing System, you'll appreciate the smooth, consistent retrieves without unnecessary wobbling. Precision machine cut brass pinion gear, delivering a solid feel and performance season after season. A premium 6BB + 1 Quickset Anti-Reverse Roller Bearing for silky smooth retrieves and solid hooksets. This list is long when it comes to what this reel has to offer. 

To sum it all up, it is probably a fruitless venture finding another reel that is packed with as many features and trusted so well by other anglers in this price range as the Okuma Ceymar C10 Spinning Reel.

3. Daiwa Laguna LT 1000 Spinning Reel Daiwa Laguna LT Spinning Reel

For the budget minded crappie angler the Daiwa Laguna LT 1000 Spinning Reel is an excellent choice. The "LT" stands for "light" & "tough". These reels are constructed with a True Carbon frame that reduces weight and maintains rigidity. High performance features include digitally cut gears that are polished to increase smoothness and gear meshing and the The Air Rotor System that improves balance and rotation and reduces rotor weight by 15%. The retrieve is silky smooth with 3 ball bearings and 1 roller bearing. Few reels in this price range have 3 ball bearings. The machined aluminum spool & handle add to the high end look & feel of this $40 sleeper. 

To sum it up, at a $40 price point the Daiwa Laguna LT 1000 offers one of the best value to dollar ratios that can be found in a spinning reel. 

4. Lew's Wally Marshall Speed Shooter 100 Spinning Reel

Without a doubt this is the sexiest reel on our list. The colors, the machined & ported rotor & the swept-back, polished handle with matching knob all make this look like a custom built reel. Because it's a Lew's you know it is top quality and priced withing reach of the average angler. Besides the awesome appearance of this reel we love the quality features it is packed with such as the 3BB+1RB with Zero-Reverse anti reverse system, the graphite body & the skeletal graphite rotor. You'll be slaying slabs in the sexiest way possible for many years to come with this reel. 

The bottom line is, the Lew's Wally Marshall Speed Shooter 100 Spinning Reel is another excellent option for crappie fishing in the $40 price range. 

5. Lew's Laser Lite 100 Spinning Reel

This is another great reel from Lew's. Anglers love these reels. They are packed with high quality features and won't leave your wallet empty. Fish all day with reduced fatigue, the lightweight skeletal graphite rotor design cuts out weight in all the right places but doesn’t hurt the structural integrity of the reel. This reel can take some hits, the frame is made of rugged graphite with a quality and sharp looking silver finish on the outside. The double anodized ported aluminum spool with blue accents is a nice upgrade and helps reduce weight while giving the reel a custom look. The strong and balanced aluminum bail helps lay the line perfectly on the spool every time. At a price point of $40 almost every angler can afford to put this reel in their arsenal. 

To sum it up, you don't have to spend a small fortune to own a high quality, high performance reel. The Lew's Laser Lite 100 Spinning Reel proves it. 

Thanks for taking the time to read this post. Check back for more on the topic of Crappie Fishing. This is the first in a series of posts where we will discuss gear, tackle & techniques. Please comment on the post so we can all learn from one another and improve our game. 

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