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Bass Assassin Panfish Assassin Pro Tiny Shad 2"

Top anglers agree this is the all-around best crappie bait.

Color: Key Lime Pie
Blue Grass
Texas Avocado
Slammin' Chicken
Electric Chicken
Chicken On a Chain
Key Lime Pie
Blue Thunder
Blue Ice
Pink Chartreuse Tail
Silver Phantom
Albino Shad
Black Shad
Spring Minnow
Blue Thunder Chartreuse Tail
Pearl Chartreuse Tail
Salt & Pepper Silver Phantom Chartreuse Tail
Black Chartreuse Tail
Chartreuse White
Silk Chartreuse
Monkey Milk
Monkey Milk Chartreuse Tail

Typical delivery times range from 5 to 7 days

The Pro Tiny Shad is deadly effective for crappie fishing. Crappie love to gorge on shad. This shad imitator has incredible action that gets crappie excited brings the big bite from the big slabs. With a beefier body and a longer tail, it has all the action and then some! Even when the crappie are slow, lazy, and not interested, these are the best crappie baits for stirring things up and enticing big strikes. Put these in your tackle box and get your limits. No crappie can resist these baits.

  • Package of 15
  • Wide selection of vivid colors
  • Durable enough to take multiple strikes and keep catching fish