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Zoom Swimmin' Super Fluke

Color: Albino
Silver Flash
White Ice
Watermelon Seed
Pearl White
Sexy Shad
Bluegill Flash
Smokin' Shad

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When all else fails go for the most popular soft swimbait ever produced...

All of the great characteristics of the original Super Fluke, now with a hard-pounding paddle tail. You can fish it like its predecessor, with a swoop and glide motion, or wind it steadily and feel it pulse like a spinnerbait. It’s great by itself or on the back of a swim jig or vibrating jig, where it calls fish from a distance with its sizeable acoustic footprint.

  • Size = 5 inches
  • Baitfish imitator
  • The Super Fluke gets a paddle tail to provide a hard-thumping sound to go with a universal baitfish profile
  • Salt-impregnated
  • Deadly on a weightless or belly-weighted hook, or on the back of a swim jig or vibrating jig
  • Package of 5

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