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Daiwa Prorex TWS Baitcasting 400PL Reel Left Hand

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Musky's have met there match with the ProRex. A slimmed down yet powerful 400 size reel can handle any northern toothy critter, and then some--great for salt water too! With almost 30#'s of drag, this reel can stop a bus! Twing casting design to toss the heaviest baits with the heaviest line with ease. Big power knob swept wing handle keeps you in control of the fight!
  • New compact 400 size frame
  • 30 LBS of Drag
  • Twing Casting system
  • Large Knob swept wing power handle
  • Available in Left and right retrieves
  • Available in 3 gear ratios
  • Low profile frame for easy palming and no fatigue