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SeaSense X-II 96" Kayak Paddle

Best budget friendly kayak fishing paddle

Color: Blue/White

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It's the details that make this the best budget friendly kayak paddle you can buy. Nobody wants to be exhausted with they reach the fishing hole. The SeaSense X-Treme II Kayak Paddle is manufactured with a fiberglass filled nylon blade & aluminum shaft making it x-tremely lightweight and durable. Each blade is made of lightweight polypropylene and reinforced making it more efficient in the water. These paddles have the strength & surface area you need to get your kayak moving quickly. The lightweight aluminum shaft is fitted with ergonomic foam grips for added comfort and strength. All of this means when you reach the fishing hole you wont be worn out just from getting there. 

  • Length: 96" (244 cm)
  • Feathered blade design
  • Two-piece construction for easy storage
  • Adjustable drip rings
  • Support ridge for added strength
  • Three locking positions

Paddle Size Chart

Angler Height Kayak Width 23" - 28" Kayak Width 29" - 32" Kayak Width Over 32"
Up to 65" 220 cm 220 cm - 230 cm 230 cm - 240 cm
66" - 71" 220 cm - 230 cm 230 cm - 240 cm 240 cm - 250 cm
72" and up 220 cm - 230 cm 230 cm - 240 cm  250 cm - 260 cm

 ***If your kayak is equipped with a high rise seat or seat risers add 10 cm to the measurements in the chart above to achieve optimal performance & comfort***