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Premium Kayak Anchor Trolley

The parts you need to add a quality anchor trolley to your kayak

Typical delivery times range from 12 to 24 days

The Premium Anchor Trolley Kit allows kayak anglers to deploy anchors, drift chutes, or stake out poles in changing currents and winds. Slide the anchor point to the optimal position for safety and stability while staying in a prime fishing position. Without an anchor trolley kit anchoring limited to where you drop anchor. If the winds or the currents change your kayak can be put in an unstable and unsafe position. With a Premium Anchor Trolley Kit you can adjust the anchor point on your kayak to keep the bow aligned with  the current. Mounted just off either gunwale of your kayak the Premium Anchor Trolley Kit uses a pulley system to select the desired position anywhere from bow to stern. The position is maintained using a zig zag cleat. The complete kit comes with all the necessary installation hardware & installation instructions. Waterproof silicone recommended, but not included. Anchor not included.

  • 1 Trolley Rope
  • 1 Trolley Rope Ring
  • 2 Carabiners
  • 2 Pulleys
  • 2 Pad Eyes
  • 6 Screws with nuts & washers
  • 6 Rivets