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Replacement Kayak Pedal Drive Propeller

Typical delivery times range from 12 to 24 days

Always be prepared for the unexpected and keep a spare prop aboard your kayak. Many kayakers have been caught in a situation where their prop broke while they were far offshore. Paddling back to shore is an option as long as you've got your paddle with you (you should always have your paddle with you). Still we don't buy pedal kayaks so we can paddle for miles. This replacement prop is made from high-strength nylon and perfectly pitched for maximum force & efficiency. It measures 31cm and comes with a shear pin (mounting screw and washers not included). It will fit Brooklyn Kayak PK Angler Series pedal kayaks. It may also fit other kayaks like Native & Hoodoo.

  • Fits Brooklyn Kayak Company Angler PK11, PK12, PK13, PK14