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Rapala OG Tiny 4

Choose a Color
Classic Crawdad
Green Gizzard Shad
Hot Copper Green Shad
Chartreuse Rootbeer Craw
Copper Green Shad
Mossy Chartreuse Shad
Dark Brown Craw
Coosa Craw
Red Craw
Citrus Shad
Big Shad

You've gotta have the best baits to catch the best fish!

Lots of action & a tight wiggle. Catches fish when other baits wont...

From a passion of bait building as a childhood hobby to customizing lures as a professional angler, the OG Series™ is born of the sawdust from Ott DeFoe’s Garage. The Rapala® Tiny is a thin, flat-sided balsa bait with a tight wobble and finesse-like action. This thin design and lightweight circuit board lip moves less water and provides a sensitive feel of bottom structure.

  • CONSTRUCTION - Premium Balsa Wood & Circuit Board Lip
  • FEATURES - Silent/Non-Rattling Flat-Sided Body, Floating
  • ACTION - Tight Wobble, Finesse-like Action
  • TARGET SPECIES - Bass/Multi-Species Freshwater
  • TERMINAL - VMC® Black Nickel 1X Strong Hybrid Treble Hooks
  • Weight: 5/16 oz.

Typical delivery times range from 5 to 10 days.