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Bassdash Luminous Slow Pitch Jig

Color: Pink
Weight: 40g

Typical delivery times range from 14 to 28 days

Slow pitch jigging is one of the most effective techniques for enticing big strikes.

If you're gonna catch the best fish you've gotta have the best fishing tackle...

Bassdash is well known for quality fishing tackle and gear. These expertly designed Slow Pitch Jigs are no exception. These Bassdash Luminous Slow Pitch Jigs designed with one heavier side and one novel ladder-like side. The result is a jig that falls slowly with an irresistible flat fall fluttering action. Different from speed jigging, these jigs slowly flutter and wobble to the bottom enticing fish on the way down increasing the odds of a hook-up. This expertly crafted design makes this jig easy to work and achieve peak action in the entire water column.

  • Multi-Angle Laser Coating
  • Luminous Effect - Works great in murky waters
  • Vivid Life-Like Eyes
  • Material: Anti-Corrosive Lead 
  • Available in 6 sizes (40g - 200g)
  • Available in 3 striking colors
  • Hooks Not Included