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Lurekiller Luminous Gold Slow Pitch Jigging Lure

The most affordable & irresistible slow pitch jigs

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Typical delivery times range from 18 to 30 days

These specialized Slow Pitch Jigs are designed with one flat heavier side and one stamped lighter side to give this jig a slow fluttering fall that attracts fish on the fall. Working in a slow pitching motion on the way up this jig attracts fish in the entire water column. Wrapped in durable luminous laser printed coating with life-like eyes these jigs reflect light attracting strikes on the fall and the retrieve. The luminous effect makes these jigs visible to fish in dark and murky water. The Lurekiller Luminous Slow Pitch Jigs are available in sizes ranging from 60g to 100g. Please note these jigs do not come with hooks.   

Lurekiller Slow Pitch Jig Advantages:

  • Affordable price point
  • High-grade laser paper wrapping
  • Highly attractive reflective and luminous properties
  • Specially designed to flutter on the fall enticing more strikes
  • Available in multiple sizes and colors

Photo is an example of the jig, not of the actual jig.