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Bassdash Baitholder Fish Hooks 30 Ct.

Hook Size: 3/0

Typical delivery times range from 15 to 28 days.

A strong & sticky sharp fish hook is the cornerstone of great fishing tackle.

If you're gonna catch the best fish you've gotta have the best fishing tackle...

Bassdash baitholder hooks are engineered for strength and durability. The chemically sharpened tip easily pierces the fish lips with ease resulting in more hook ups. The barbed point means once hooked there is less chance of the fish getting free from the hook. The two slice barbed shank reduces bait loss and increases hook ups. These hooks are designed with forward turned eyes that allow for optimal bait presentation enticing more strikes. Made from forged carbon steel these Bassdash baitholder hooks are incredibly strong and sharp. Finished in natural bronze These hooks are ideal for targeting bass, walleye and catfish.

  • Natural bronze style finish
  • Forward turned eye
  • Two slice barbed shank
  • Offset hook point
  • Chemically sharpened
  • Forged construction