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Bassdash Luminous Slow Pitch Jigs

Experience the Flutter - Unleashing the Magic of Slow Pitch Jigging!

Color: Blue
Weight: 40g

Typical delivery times range from 12 to 24 days

Bassdash Luminous Slow Pitch Jigs: The Optimum Choice for High-Performance Slow Pitch Jigging

In the realm of fishing, slow pitch jigging is a proven technique that provokes substantial strikes, and without the right gear, you're missing out on reeling in the big ones. If you're serious about enhancing your slow pitch jigging experience, Bassdash, a leading name in quality fishing tackle, has got you covered.

Masterfully Crafted Design for Unmatched Performance

The Bassdash Luminous Slow Pitch Jigs are meticulously designed, boasting an asymmetric profile with one heavier side and a unique ladder-like side. This innovative design results in a jig that descends slowly in the water, exhibiting an alluring flat fall fluttering action that is irresistible to fish. Unlike speed jigging, these jigs gently flutter and wobble their way to the bottom, attracting fish and substantially increasing the probability of a hook-up. This expert craftsmanship ensures that the jig is easy to handle and delivers peak performance throughout the water column.

Exceptional Features for Enhanced Attraction

The Bassdash Slow Pitch Jigs are equipped with a multi-angle laser coating, offering a luminous effect that works exceptionally well in murky waters. Further enhancing their appeal, these jigs have vivid, lifelike eyes that act as a potent attractant for predatory fish.

Quality Materials for Durability and Versatility

Constructed with anti-corrosive lead, these jigs are designed to withstand harsh marine environments. They are available in six different sizes, ranging from 40g to 200g, making them suitable for various fishing conditions and species. The jigs are also available in three striking colors, allowing you to tailor your lure to the specific conditions of your fishing spot. Please note that hooks are not included with these jigs.

Experience the Bassdash difference today and take your slow pitch jigging game to the next level.