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Bomber Model 4A Crankbait

Top anglers say these are the best crankbaits for year-round fishing

Color: Black/Chartreuse

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If you were limited to just one crankbait, you would do well making it the Bomber Model A. Considered by top bass anglers to be the best crankbaits for year-round bass fishing, these crankbaits are a staple in the arsenal of the most successful anglers. Their, classic, timeless design, durability, true-running dependability and pure fish-catching abilities define the meaning of go-to lure.

  • Excellent multi-species lure
  • True-running dependability
  • Proven durability 
Model Length Weight Depth Hooks
4A 2 1/8" 5/16 oz. 3'-6' #6 Treble Hooks