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Digital Fishing Line Counter

Get your bait in the sweet spot everytime

Typical delivery times range from 20 to 30 days

Add the RTI Digital Line Counter to your gear to take the guesswork out of the depth of your bait and catch more fish. This high quality line counter attaches easily to your rod. The clamps are lined with soft rubber to protect your rod's finish. The clear digital display is easy to read and lights up making this an ideal line counter for night fishing. Measure depths up to 999.9 meters (over 3000 feet!). This is an ideal counter to take offshore fishing. Put your bait in the sweet spot every time and bring home quality fish. 

  • Color: Black
  • Material: ABS
  • Measurement Units: Meters or Feet
  • Power Supply: 1 CR2032 Battery
  • Weight: 69g / 2.45oz