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Eagle Claw Split Shot Fishing Weights Assortment 78pc

Hook More, Sink Deeper: Your Best Catch with Eagle Claw!

Typical delivery times range from 5 to 7 days

Upgrade Your Fishing Experience with Eagle Claw

Designed for angler flexibility, the Eagle Claw Split Shot Fishing Weight Assortment enhances your fishing prowess, making it your go-to solution for all fishing expeditions.

Eagle Claw Fishing Weights: Your Secret Weapon for Success

With our assortment of fishing sinkers, gear adjustment becomes a breeze, and your chances of the perfect catch significantly improve, regardless of the fishing conditions.

Key Features of Eagle Claw Split Shot Fishing Weight Assortment

🌟 Variety: The assortment includes 78 sinkers in 4 sizes for versatile use.

🌟 User-Friendly: The lead-made sinkers are a breeze to add or remove.

🌟 Versatile Application: Suitable for a straight live bait rig, under a bobber, or when you need extra weight to reach deeper depths or sink faster in windy conditions.

🌟 Convenient Packaging: Comes in a handy dial pack for easy storage and selection.

🌟 Top Quality: Backed by the trusted Eagle Claw Fishing brand, guaranteeing reliability.

Experience Top-Notch Fishing with Eagle Claw!

Don't let improper weight hinder your fishing experience. Leverage the Eagle Claw Split Shot Fishing Weight Assortment for optimized performance and see why Eagle Claw is globally recognized and cherished. Let's fish better, together!