Line & Terminal Gamakatsu Big Cat Circle Hooks Black 5/0

Gamakatsu Big Cat Circle Hooks Black 5/0

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Increase your hookup ratio with these needle sharp Gamakatsu  Big Cat Circle Hooks...

Anglers from all around trust Gamakatsu Hooks. Every Catfish angler needs these hooks in their tackle box. The new Gamakatsu Big Cat Circle Hook is designed specifically for tough-lipped, thick-mouthed catfish. The offset, precision sharpened hook point penetrates quickly even with light hook sets. It features an “up eye” so snelling is fast and easy. 2X strong forged steel is plenty of power for the biggest Blues — even Wels and Mekong cats if you ever get the opportunity. It’s the right hook for the job because it never stops working.

  • Package of 6

These Gamakatsu Big Cat Circle Hooks take between 5 and 10 days to arrive.