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Hayabusa DSR132HD Heavy Duty Drop Shot Hook

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Hayabusa Fishing created the black matte EC09471 Heavy Duty Drop Shot Hook, a medium wire diameter, short U-Bend shank and Hayabusa’s Original Point allows for solid ‘pull’ hooksets that increase the amount of fish caught and decrease the number of fish lost. The black matte EC09471 is a Heavy-Duty hook model for drop shot fishing and other light smaller rig techniques without compromising extreme fighting power. For use with soft baits, wacky worms, finesses worms & sick baits. 

Hayabusa Key Advantages:

  • 1/0 7ct. package, #1 8ct. package, #2 9ct. package

  • Razor sharp point

  • Versatile design allows for different uses

  • Better hook ups, fewer lost fish

This product takes between 5 and 10 days to arrive.