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Kuying Blue Dancer Acid Wrapped Slow Jigging Fishing Rod

Power: PE1

Catch better quality fish and more of them with Slow Pitch Jigging.

If you're gonna catch the best fish you've gotta have the best fishing tackle...

The Kuying Blue Dancer Acid Wrapped Carbon Slow Jigging Rod is constructed from lightweight high-strength Japanese Toray Carbon Cloth, this 1-piece SPJ rod has the backbone to haul in big, hard fighting fish. This rod is expertly designed with an Acid-Wrapped (Spiral Wrapped) line guide configuration that reduces line friction and and torque-twist; fight the fish, not your gear. This high quality rod includes a high strength Fuji Reel Seat and 11 Fuji line guides. Get into the SPJ game today with this Kuying Blue Dancer Acid Wrapped Carbon Slow Pitch Jigging Fishing Rod. Target Amberjack, Grouper, Rockfish, Ling Cod and more with confidence and ease.  

Acid Wrapped Advantages:

  • Torque Twist Elimination - Torque twist is the natural tendency for casting rods to turn over while under heavy strain such as battling big fish. By transferring the guides and line from the top to the bottom of the rod blank torque twist is eliminated resulting in better control and more power when landing big fish. Use your energy fighting the fish, not your gear. 
  • Fewer line guides spaced farther apart means less weight and less performance robbing friction on your line.  By transferring the line guides to the bottom of the reel there is also less line rub against the blank. 
  • Make Longer Casts - With fewer line guides and less friction comes longer casts. Get your bait in the sweet spot with less effort. 

Kuying Blue Dancer Specifications:

  • PE:1 - Max Jig Weight 150g - Line Test: 8kg (17lb.) 
  • PE:2 - Max Jig Weight 220g - Line Test: 10kg (22lb.)
  • PE:3 - Max Jig Weight 300g - Line Test: 12kg (26lb.)
  • PE:4 - Max Jig Weight 400g - Line Test: 15kg (33lb)
  • Length: 204m - 6'8"
  • Medium Action
  • Acid Wrapped (Spiral Wrapped) Line Guide Layout
  • 11 Fuji Line Guides
  • Fuji Reel Seat
  • 1 Piece Construction

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