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Luck-E-Strike American Originals G5 Crankbait

Color: Spring Craw

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Premium crankbait that brings the big bite from the biggest bass.

To catch the best fish you've gotta have the best fishing tackle...

The G5 is a premium lure at an affordable price. It offers a semi-wide wobble, dives quickly and generates excellent deflections. One hallmark of the American Originals series is that they are made of a softer plastic and glued together rather than sonic-welded, as most modern hard plastics are now. The softer plastic provides a duller and more realistic sound and is not as susceptible to breakage or cracking, especially in colder water.

  • Dives 5-8 ft.
  • Weight 3/8 oz.
  • Length 2"
  • Realistic sound

Typical delivery times range from 5 to 7 days.