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Luck-E-Strike LE Freak Series 2 Crankbait

Color: Tasty Shad

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The LE Freak Series 2 Crankbait dives 12 - 14 feet. “Most deep divers are round bills that roll around an object or go over it on contact,”.  “The Freak’s square bill catches on an object causing the line to stretch. When it releases, it creates an intense deflection that helps catch more fish.” Uniquely different, the Freak has a bill that comes straight out of the body, allowing it to be thrown further and subsequently dive deeper and stay in the strike zone longer. As theFreak crankbait bounces and moves through the water, its alluring rattle tempts fish to strike.

These Luck-E-Strike Crankbaits take between 5 and 10 days to arrive.