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Lurekiller Luminous Slow Pitch Jigs, Blue & Pink

Dive Deep, Hook Big: Unleash the Power of Slow Pitch Jigging!

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Weight: 60g

Typical delivery times range from 12 to 24 days

Experience Unmatched Performance with Lurekiller Luminous Slow Pitch Jigs

Experience the exceptional design and technology that sets the Lurekiller Luminous Slow Pitch Jigs apart in the world of slow pitch jigging. Built for anglers who seek nothing but the best, these slow pitch jigs are tailored to attract a multitude of fish species across the entire water column. Whether you're targeting fish in deep depths, dark murky waters or shallow clear water, these slow pitch jigs deliver on quality and performance.

Unrivalled Performance Features of the Best Slow Pitch Jigs

  • Dual-Weighted Design: Each Lurekiller jig features a flat, heavier side and a stamped, lighter side. This unique design delivers a slow fluttering fall, captivating fish and prompting more strikes.
  • Luminous Laser-Printed Coating: Equipped with high-grade laser paper wrapping, these jigs offer impressive reflective and luminous properties. The coating not only enhances their durability but also replicates life-like eyes, attracting fish both on the fall and the retrieve.
  • Superior Visibility: The luminous effect ensures these jigs remain visible to fish even in the murkiest waters. Achieve exceptional strikes in any light conditions.
  • Versatile Size Range: Available in sizes ranging from 60g to 100g, these slow pitch jigs offer the versatility you need to tackle diverse fishing scenarios.
  • Affordable Excellence: Despite their superior performance and durability, Lurekiller Luminous Slow Pitch Jigs come at an affordable price point, delivering unmatched value.

Choose the Best for Your Slow Pitch Jigging Adventure

Join the ranks of top-performing anglers by choosing the Lurekiller Luminous Slow Pitch Jigs. Discover why we are trusted by countless fishing enthusiasts for delivering the best slow pitch jigs on the market. Please note, these jigs are sold without hooks.