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Yo-Zuri Super Braid

Break Strength: 15lb
Color: Yellow
Spool Length: 150 Yards

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Yo-Zuri SuperBraid is a great choice for finesse fishing situations as well as fishing for the wide variety of fish in North America. Due to it's color and high visibility, it is a great line to use when the bite is very subtle. SuperBraid ranges from 10-40 lb. test and is a 4 strand PE braided line. Our specially coated braided line gives it a maximum abrasion resistance, extremely low stretch, and makes it super durable giving you the best possible fishing experience.
  • Special Heat Integration Process makes line rounder, smoother and has significant more abrasion resistance than other braided lines
  • Abrasion resistance is more than twice traditional braided line and has drastically reduced color fading too
  • Rounder, tighter braid, and smoother line reduces resistance and improves casting distance
  • When used in jigging, water is drained better and line can be dropped smoothly minimizing resistance caused by line slack
  • High visibility color allows line to be seen much better both above and into the water to better detect strikes and changes created by fishing
  • Line diameter is 0.008 inches
  • Yo-Zuri pros feel SuperBraid is better than any other braid available