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Z-MAN SMH WormZ 6.5" 7 Pack

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Watermelon Red
Green Pumpkin Goby

Sleek, simple and unceasingly active, the ZMAN SMH WormZ mirrors what designed Brian "B.Lat" Latimer calls that classic Coke-bottle shape. Sculpted for subtle yet unstoppable underwater movement, the SMH WormZ starts with a substantial but slender head and torso, ideally shaped for easy hook penetration. Gradually, it slims down to a wispy-thin midsection that helps activate the worm’s bulbous, football shaped tail-kicking and undulating continuously as the angler shakes the line. And when you stop shaking, the tail levitates, hovers and exposes itself to the slightest underwater currents thanks to its incredibly buoyant and soft ElaZtech construction.
  • Designed by Z-Man Pro Brian "B.Lat" Latimer to pair perfectly with his signature series SMH Jigheads
  • 6.5 inch finesse worm sculpted with tapered body and bulbous tail for unmatched action
  • Incredibly soft and buoyant ElaZtech material floats off bottom at rest and quivers with the slightest movement
  • Impregnated with 15 percent salt for added taste, texture and casting weight
  • Incredibly durable and resilient, outlasts other worms by a wide margin
  • Nose matched perfectly with SMH JigheadZ