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Onyx MoveVent Curve Life Jacket - Blue

Don't gamble your life with a cheap & inferior life jacket

Size: XL/2XL

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You don't have to spend a lot of money on a life jacket. For less than $20 you can pick up one of those stylish orange life jackets like the ones from the movie Titanic. Why would you though? First of all your life is worth more than the few dollars you'll save buying a cheap & inferior life jacket. Moreover, second only to safety in the order of the most important features of a quality life jacket is comfort. The Onyx MoveVent Curve life jacket features a sculpted flexible foam design that conforms to your body and stays in place when paddling, and the large armholes provide excellent mobility for kayak fishing. You'll hardly realize you're wearing a life jacket. The mesh panel in the back accommodates most sit on top fishing kayak seats allowing you to sit back comfortably in your seat. Kayak with confidence and in comfort with a Onyx MoveVent life jacket.

  • Mesh ventilation in front and back for breathability
  • Mesh panel in back to accommodate most canoe and kayak seats
  • Shoulder adjustments with neoprene comfort pads
  • Adjustable side belts
  • Durable zipper closure
  • U.S. Coast Guard approved and Transport Canada approved