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Pescador Premium Bucktail Jigs

Catch More Fish With The World's Best Fishing Lures , Bucktail Jigs!

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Typical delivery times range from 14 to 28 days

To catch big fish, you need to bring big action. The Pescador Premium Bucktail Jig is designed to glide through the water & imitate the realistic movement of baitfish creating an irresistible target for the largest predatory fish out there. We made sure to include features like a precision molded head, textured scale finish, bulging 3D eyes, and precision eyelet placement to create a lifelike appearance & action. Finished in a premium, corrosion resistant epoxy for maximum durability & available in 6 blazing colors; these jigs will look great and catch big fish trip after trip.

What puts the bucktail jig above all other lures? Consider this fact. In World War II, the United States Navy packed a bucktail jig and hand line into survival kits for sailors and pilots just in case they needed to fish in an emergency survival situation. It was so popular with Navy SEALs that it became standard issue gear! No other lure has been given such honorific praise. 

  • Razor sharp, high carbon steel, barbed hook
  • Life-like 3D eyes
  • Premium hand-tied skirt
  • Premium epoxy finish
  • Add a soft plastic trailer for more action
  • Jig off the bottom for rock fish, ling cod, halibut and other species
  • Cast at schooling fish working it quickly back to boat for striper and other species