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RAM ROD Fishing Rod Holder with Single Socket Arm

Secure Your Gear: Premium Fishing Rod Holders For Kayak Anglers!

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RAM ROD Fishing Rod Holder with Single Socket Arm

Looking for premium fishing rod holders for your kayak? Look no further! Our RAM ROD Fishing Rod Holder with Single Socket Arm is the perfect companion for every kayak angler. Specifically designed for kayak enthusiasts, it promises an unmatched fishing experience. Let's dive into what makes this holder a must-have!

Stand Out Features of the RAM ROD Fishing Rod Holder:

  • Optimized for Kayaks: Perfectly suited for kayaks, ensuring stability and ease of access.
  • Unique Design: Features our patented ball and socket mechanism, making adjustments smooth and effortless.
  • Quick Action: Set the hook faster and never miss a catch!
  • Material: Made from high-strength composite, ensuring durability and longevity.
  • Weight Capacity: Standard use up to 4 lbs., and heavy-duty use up to 3 lbs.
  • Ball Size: C Size (1.5") - perfect for most kayak mounts.
  • Part#: RAP-340NB

When you're looking fishing rod holders for kayaks, the RAM ROD lineup of fishing rod holders are the top choice in both form and function. Don't just take our word for it; experience the ease and fun of using this amazing fishing rod holder on your next trip! And remember, when it comes to premium kayak fishing gear, RAM always delivers.