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Savage Gear PR-LTMS-305-YP Line Thru Trout Pre-Rigged 12" Yellow Perch Swimbait

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Life-like action that is so real Bass, Pike & Musky can't resist them! 

Savage Gear Pre-Rigged 3D Line Thru Trout Lures are a response to the huge popularity of Savage Gear's Line Thru Trout Lures with trophy pike anglers from all over the world. These baits are rigged on strong wire leaders with stinger and treble hooks mounted to the bait. Once a fish takes the bait, the hooks dislodge from the bait as it slides up the leader, meaning less lost fish and less damage to your bait. The details are incredible and so lifelike it will be even harder for the predator fish to resist a full committed attack!

Savage Gear Key Advantages:

  • Pre-rigged on heavy duty wire with stinger and treble hooks

  • Nylon mesh throughout the joint sections prevents tearing

  • Hooks dislodge from the bait when hooked up

  • Life-like swimming action

  • Moderate sink

This product takes between 5 and 10 days to arrive.