Lures Strike King Rage Swimmer 3 ¼" Blue Bug 8 Pack

Strike King Rage Swimmer 3 ¼" Blue Bug 8 Pack

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If only live bait looked & moved so well.


Be ready for immediate strikes when these hit the water. They glide through the water with sexy action that fish just can't resist. The sleek design, and ribbed body look natural prey as they seductively move through the water. The paddle tail produces enticing vibrations that get the fish all riled up and in the mood hit something. Pin 'em to a jig, nose-hook 'em on a dropshot rig, or trail 'em behind a spinnerbait. Bass, Walleye, Pike and more all find the Strike King Rage Swimmer strike worthy. . 

  • Sleek nose cone
  • Softly ribbed body
  • Thin, pancake-like tail
  • Pumps out frantic vibrations at any speed
  • Great on a jig, a dropshot rig, or spinnerbait
  • Pack of 8

The Strike King Rage Swimmer takes between 5 and 10 days to arrive.