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Strike King Shadalicious 4.5" Swimbait 6 Count

Choose a Color
Neon Ghost
Sexy Blue Back Herring
Sexy Shad
Watermelon Red
Blue Gizzard

Stop wasting money on swimbaits that don't attract fish!

The Strike King® Shadalicious is a top rated soft swimbait designed to catch more and bigger fish. Everything about the Shadalicious, from its lively action to its lifelike colors, is calculated to improve your on-the-water success. This swimbait is so versatile you can rig it on an open jighead, an internal jighead, or with a weighted hook. Fish it with a slow, steady retrieve, and match the hook size to the bait's size, and prepare yourself for amped-up action. Anglers will also find the Strike King Shadalicious ideal for umbrella-style rigs! These high action swimbaits work well in both freshwater and saltwater. Bass, Stripers and Calicos find these swimbaits almost irresistible.  

Top Features:

  • Can be rigged multiple ways
  • Extreme life-like action
  • Realistic life-like colors
  • Can be used in freshwater and saltwater
  • Irresistible to many species
  • 6 Count Package

This product takes between 5 and 10 days to arrive.