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PFS Premium Kayak Anchor Trolley Kit

Unleash Precision & Stability on Every Kayak Adventure!

Typical delivery times range from 5 to 7 days

Master Control & Stability

Take control of your kayak adventure with the PFS Premium Kayak Anchor Trolley Kit! This easy to install kit empowers kayak anglers to deploy anchors, drift chutes, or stake out poles amidst varying winds and currents. Tailor the anchor point to ensure safety, stability, and of course, that you're perfectly positioned for catching the big one!

Stay in Control with the Best Kayak Anchor Trolley Kit

Always being in control of your kayak's anchor point. Without an anchor trolley kit, your kayak's stability can be compromised with changes in winds or currents. With the PFS Premium Anchor Trolley Kit, you can easily adjust your kayak's anchor point to keep the bow aligned with the current, ensuring stability and safety at all times!

Key Features of our Premium Kayak Anchor Trolley

  • ⚓ 1 30' Trolley Line: Robust and durable, built for any condition.
  • ⚓ 1 Round Rigging Ring: Secure and steady, ensuring a tight hold.
  • ⚓ 2 Carabiners: Strong and reliable, built for secure fastening.
  • ⚓ 2 Pulleys: Smooth operation for selecting the desired anchor point from bow to stern.
  • ⚓ 2 Pad Eyes: For additional strength and stability.
  • ⚓ 6 Screws with nuts & washers: For a secure, easy, and solid installation.
  • ⚓ 6 Rivets: Ensuring a tight and secure fit to your kayak.

Installed just off either gunwale of your kayak, the PFS Premium Anchor Trolley Kit uses a pulley system to help you choose the best position for your anchor, anywhere from bow to stern. Once set, the position is held steady using a zig zag cleat. The complete kit comes with all the required installation hardware. Anchor not included.