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Premium High Speed Kayak Pedal Drive Kit

Get to the fishing hole faster with a high speed kayak pedal drive kit

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Take your hands off the paddles and put your feet on the pedals so you can get to the fishing hole faster. Kayak fishing has become very popular recently - many anglers prefer pedal drive kayaks because they're easier to maneuver hands-free while fishing. This high-speed kayak pedal drive kit is a low resistance, gear driven, 10:1 gear ratio pedal drive that will move your kayak through the water faster then you ever thought possible. If you own a Brooklyn Kayak Company PK Angler series kayak, this Premium High Speed Pedal Dive Kit is perfect for upgrading or replacing that slow, high-resistance, belt driven pedal drive. These pedal drives may also fit other kayak brands like Hoodoo & Native.

Click here to read our full review after installing and using this pedal drive on our Brooklyn Kayak Company Angler PK13 Fishing Kayak. 

  • Enjoy hands-free propulsion while fishing
  • Instant reverse
  • High speed 10:1 gear ratio
  • High strength, low resistance gear drive
  • Pedal straps to keep your feet in place while pedaling
  • Well suited for anglers of all heights
  • Fits the middle console on the Brooklyn Kayak Company PK Angler Series Kayak (PK11, PK12, PK13 & PK14)
  • May also fit certain Native & Hoodoo kayaks. 
  • Lifts up for shallow water and docking
  • Freshwater & Saltwater compatible (Always rinse with low pressure freshwater after use)
  • Easy to transport
  • Easy to maintain
  • Easy to assemble