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PFS Premium High Speed Kayak Pedal Drive Kit

Supercharge Your Kayak with Unbeatable Speed and Precision!

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The Best Brooklyn Kayak Performance Upgrade

For every Brooklyn Kayak enthusiast seeking top-tier performance upgrades, we present the PFS Premium High-Speed Kayak Pedal Drive Kit. It's designed for optimal hands-free maneuvering and swift navigation. Featuring a low-resistance, gear drive with a 10:1 gear ratio, this high-performance pedal drive allows you to glide through the water at remarkable speeds while freeing up your hands for casting and reeling.

Stand Out Features of the PFS Premium High Speed Kayak Pedal Drive Kit

  • ⭐ Enhanced hands-free fishing with instant reverse functionality
  • ⭐ Stellar high-speed 10:1 gear ratio ensuring rapid water navigation
  • ⭐ Robust, low-resistance gear drive promising superior performance
  • ⭐ Pedal straps designed for firm foot placement during action
  • ⭐ Precisely tailored for Brooklyn Kayak Company PK Angler Series (PK11, PK12, PK13 & PK14)
  • ⭐ Easy to lift for shallow waters and docking
  • ⭐ Made for use in freshwater and saltwater (always remember to rinse with low-pressure freshwater post-use)

This pedal drive kit seamlessly integrates with the Brooklyn Kayak Company PK Angler series kayaks. If you're on the hunt for Brooklyn Kayak upgrades, this is your ultimate solution. The compatibility doesn’t end there; it may also fit specific Hoodoo and Native kayak models.

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