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PFS Premium PK Angler Series High Performance Rudder

Turn Sharper & Track Straighter

Typical delivery times range from 5 to 7 days

The Best Steering Upgrade for Brooklyn PK Angler Series Kayaks

Do you sometimes struggle to maneuver your Brooklyn PK Angler Series Kayak? Have you ever wished it turned with more agility or maintained an accurate track while your pedaling to the fishing grounds? Say goodbye to those struggles. Introducing the PFS Premium PK Angler Series High Performance Rudder - the best and easiest solution to Brooklyn Kayak PK Angler Series steering struggles. At it's longest point this rudder is 17" long. That means you get a lot more surface area to help turn that big Brooklyn Kayak. With this upgrade, not only will you turn faster and tighter, but you'll also track a straighter path to the fishing grounds. Spend less time correcting your course and more time looking for that honey hole.

Stand Out Features of the PFS Premium High Performance PK Series Rudder:

  • High-Strength Aluminum: Crafted from premium aluminum, this rudder promises durability without adding any unnecessary weight.
  • Perfect Fit for Brooklyn Kayak PK Series: Designed to fit seamlessly on the Brooklyn Kayak Company PK Series kayak models including the PK11, PK12, PK13, and PK14.
  • Effortless Modification: Say goodbye to cumbersome and difficult upgrades! This rudder is designed for easy replacement, letting you upgrade without a fuss.

So, for those in search of the best Brooklyn Kayak rudder upgrade and quick delivery for Brooklyn Kayak parts, you've just found your match. Get ready for more accurate tracking and precision steering with this performance upgrade. Please note, some minor paint chips are to be expected on these rudders. Once put into use they will definitely get scraped. They are aluminum construction so rust will not be an issue. All rudders are guaranteed to be free from structural flaws.