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PFS Premium Stand Up Assist & Drag Strap

Standing Up In Your Kayak Made Easy!

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PFS Premium Stand Up Assist & Drag Strap: The Essential Choice in Fishing Kayak Accessories

Have you seen the most useful, versatile, and affordable kayak fishing accessory your money can buy? Check out the PFS Premium Stand Up Assist & Drag Strap. As a top-tier addition to your fishing kayak, it promises balance, lift, and superior construction, setting it apart as one of the of the most useful kayak accessories available today.

Balance Like Never Before

No more wobbles or hesitations! With the PFS Premium Stand Up Assist & Drag Strap, you can attach it to a secure anchor point on your kayak and get the needed boost to stand up confidently. When you're ready to stand up, this accessory ensures you maintain equilibrium, unlocking a new world of kayak fishing adventures.

Level Up Your Kayak Fishing Game

Protect your back and say goodbye to the struggles of lifting your kayak. Simply connect this strap to the front handle of your kayak, and marvel at the ease with which you can drag your kayak. It is incredibly easy to use with minimal fuss, every single time.

Stand Out Features of the PFS Premium Stand Up Assist & Drag Strap:

  • Comfort and Stability: Designed with a comfortable handle, seamlessly transition from a seated to a standing position.
  • Grip It & Go: Makes dragging your kayak to the ramp a breeze.
  • Durable Construction: Crafted from super-strong, heavy-duty nylon webbing, it's built to last.
  • Customizable Length: With an adjustable buckle, modify the strap length from 33-55 inches as you need.

Level up your kayaking fishing adventures with the ultimate kayak accessories. The PFS Premium Stand Up Assist & Drag Strap is more than just a tool—it's a game-changer!