These accessories will increase your safety, comfort & convenience on the water...

Being a successful kayak angler means having the right gear. It all starts with the getting the right kayak. Once a proper kayak has been settled on it is time to start outfitting the kayak with the essential accessories. Kayak anglers can quickly spend more on accessories than they spent on the kayak. It can be difficult to determine what to get first. Let's take a look at five essential kayak fishing accessories that can immediately improve your satisfaction with kayak fishing. 

1. Fishing Specific PFD

When it comes to PFDs (Personal Flotation Devices) there are a lot of options. When I first got into kayak fishing someone told me not to spend too much on a PFD, after all they all do the same thing. Not true. First and foremost, why would anyone go cheap on something that could very well save their life? Secondly, paddling and more specifically kayak fishing really calls for a PFD specifically designed for the task. 

The Onyx Kayak Fishing Life Jacket is engineered to meet the needs of the kayak angler. Designed for maximum mobility & storage this vest is just what the kayak angler needs. It is loaded with convenient features that keep necessary gear close at hand. It has multiple storage pockets including a large mouth pocket that can accommodate VHF radio. There is even a convenient drop down tray pocket with 2" elastic strap to secure small tackle box. 

Onyx has designed this vest for maximum comfort during long days of paddling & fishing. The high foam back accommodates high back kayak seats making for a more comfortable paddling experience. It is outfitted with 6 adjustment straps to ensure a snug & comfortable fit and maximum range of motion for casting and battling fish. The comfortable neoprene shoulder pads help to keep the adjustment straps from resting directly on you shoulders. This vest can be comfortably worn all day long.

Not all PFDs are created equal. The Onyx Kayak Fishing Life Jacket proves that point. Don't bargain with your safety. Invest in a high quality, purpose built kayak fishing PFD. You'll be glad you did.  

2. Kayak Fishing Crate

You've settled on a kayak. But now where do you store all of your gear? Many higher end kayaks have convenient storage options built in the kayak at the factory. Entry level kayaks often have limited storage options. Enter the milk crate, the storage option of choice for so many kayak anglers. The next question is how do we optimize the simple milk crate?

Plano Milk Crate Tackle Storage Plano Soft Crate Tackle Storage System

Specifically designed to fit inside a milk crate, the Plano Soft Crate Tackle Bag is the answer. It transforms a simple milk crate into a tackle storage & organization system anyone would be proud of. The soft, lightweight bag has the look & feel of a high quality tackle bag. It is purpose built to fit inside a milk crate or rest on the deck of a kayak. The paneled design features multiple compartments sized to fit StowAway® utility boxes or offer bulk storage. All sections are easily removable, allowing you to customize the bag to meet your needs. The Soft Crate is ideal for beginners building up their gear collection, or skilled anglers who need options to make a bag of their own.

3. Lightweight Kayak Paddle

All kayaks have a maximum weight capacity. When the weight of the angler and the gear are factored together, it doesn't take much to max out the capabilities of the kayak. So it makes sense to cut weight as much as possible on essentials like paddles to make more capacity for tackle. 

The SeaSense X-II Kayak Paddle is manufactured with a fiberglass filled nylon blade making it extremely lightweight and durable. Each blade is lightweight and reinforced making it more efficient in the water. The shaft is lightweight aluminum with ergonomic foam grips for added comfort and strength. The X-II Kayak Paddle also features a feathered blade design, adjustable drip rings, and floats.

4. Kayak Seat Cushion

Kayak fishing is incredibly satisfying. Given that fact there are days we will be on the water for hours. Sitting for long periods of time can be treacherous on your back and your bottom. There is a simple solution for this dilemma, a kayak seat cushion.

A multi-functional water accessory, the Full Throttle Cove Cushion is a non-USCG approved flotation cushion providing a floating seat with backrest for relaxing in the pool or lake. It is also great to sit on for extra cushion while paddling your kayak.

5. Under Seat Tackle & Tool Storage

As we highlighted earlier, storage on a kayak can be very limited. Kayak anglers have to get creative and maximize underutilized space on their kayak. 

The Premium Under Seat Tackle & Tool Storage System conveniently attaches to the underside of your sit on top kayak seat. With two large pockets for tackle boxes and four smaller pockets for tools it's easy to keep pliers, fish grippers, tackle and more easily within reach. Constructed premium nylon mesh and adjustable straps this storage system is made to fit most any kayak. 

For many of us there are few things more enjoyable than a day of kayak fishing. It allows us to get closer to nature, fish in places we can't get on foot or with boats and, it can be very satisfying. Having the right accessories helps to enhance the wonderful experience that is kayak fishing. Here's to many safe & successful trips. Tight Lines!

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