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Always Be Prepared with Spare Kayak Parts

There's truly nothing like the sense of freedom and tranquility you feel when you're out on the water, fishing from your kayak. Remember your first kayaking trip? The thrill of charting your own course, exploring new places, and reaching fishing spots inaccessible from the shore is incomparable. However, as any seasoned kayaker knows, preparation is key to a safe and successful kayak fishing trip.

A Lesson on Preparation

This is a lesson about being prepared with spare parts. During my very first trip, I broke two pedal drive clips that hold the drive in place while trying to place the kayak on my C-Tug trolley. The kayak slipped off the trolley, and as it hit the ground, the pedal drive flew off, snapping two clips with it. Embarrassed, I looked around to make sure no one saw me, and then wondered where I could get new clips.

On my next trip, I was better prepared. I had practiced loading the kayak onto the trolley and made sure to remove the pedal drive completely before transferring it on or off the trolley. My fishing gear was loaded and tethered, safety flag and light in place, PFD on, and I was ready to pedal out and haul a bounty from Avila Bay. However, I didn’t get 300 yards from the launch before my seat straps broke. Luckily, a fellow kayak angler tied my straps together, so we were able to fish that day.

Essential Brooklyn Kayak Parts to Keep On Hand

That experience taught me a valuable lesson about the importance of being prepared. Here are three spare parts that every Brooklyn Kayak owner should always have on hand:

1. Pedal Drive Clips

Kayak Pedal Drive Clip

These are common wear items that sometimes get hard to slide from age, elements, or they just get brittle and break. It's wise to keep extras on hand so that if there is a failure, it can be quickly corrected, and your day isn’t ruined.

2. Seat Straps

Another common wear item on sit-on-top kayaks. The weather and elements take a toll on these nylon straps, and often one will suddenly snap. When one breaks, usually the other strap fails too because of the sudden increased load.

3. Propellers

Kayak Propeller

Many kayak anglers have suffered broken propellers far from shore, turning a great day into a not-so-great one quickly. Submerged debris, logs, or rocks can snap the blades right off. Having a spare propeller on board can easily save the day.

Final Thoughts

While kayaking is a wonderful and fulfilling activity, it's essential to be prepared for any mishaps that might occur. Keeping spare Brooklyn Kayak parts, like pedal drive clips, seat straps, and propellers, can ensure that your day out on the water isn’t ruined by broken or worn-out parts.

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