The sport of fishing is evolving at a rapid pace. Every year the manufacturers roll out tons of new products that aim to improve the angler's game. It's not just rods, reels and tackle that are evolving and improving. Tackle management is also evolving. 

In the not so distant past tackle boxes were plastic boxes with organizing trays. They were bulky and heavy. They typically didn't score highly in the comfort and convenience category. Too many times those behemoths would get dropped or knocked over and tackle would go everywhere. It was an angler's nightmare.

The fishing backpack allows the angler to carry all of their gear easily and comfortably on their back and keep their hands free. Fishing backpacks can reduce the strain on your back from walking lopsided lugging that heavy old tackle box around. Anyone that has fished for a while can relate to strained backs from heavy tackle boxes. 

In this article we review the Bassdash 3670 Fishing Backpack w/ Insulated Lunch Bag. Before we get any further along we want clarify we only review products we own and use. At some point this is going to be a very expensive venture. Still its going to be a lot of fun along the way. 


From the moment we opened the package it was evident this was a quality product. It is constructed of premium 600D polyester. It is lightweight yet it feels substantial. It is designed with mobility in mind and loaded with convenient features and tons of storage. 

The bag features a large main compartment that is adjustable in size. Remove the clapboard to maximize the storage space. Leave the clapboard in and it creates an upper compartment to store personal items and a lower compartment to store the lunch bag or up to 3 large 3670 sized utility boxes. The main compartment also has a pouch for storing smaller items so they aren't lost in the cavernous main compartment. 

On the bottom of the backpack is an impact-resistant waterproof base that can hold another 3670 sized utility box. That's a total of 4 large 3670 sized utility boxes. That's a lot of tackle.

This bag is loaded with storage options. On the top is a hard molded sunglasses storage compartment. Just below that is another compartment perfectly sized for a small camera or a smart phone. There are 5 total zippered storage compartments on the outside of the backpack large enough to hold small utility boxes or other personal items. 

On the right side of the backpack (as it's worn) there are two velcro straps for attaching rods and just below that are two mesh pockets to rest the rod handles in. These are perfect for collapsible rods or multi-section rods. Remember this backpack is designed to comfortably carry all of your gear and keep your hands free.

On the back of the backpack there are two more mesh pockets for storing small items. On the outside of the bottom compartment there is daisy-chain webbing for attachment points. It is a perfect place to attach anything on a carabiner, a hand towel for example. Working around to the left side (as the bag is worn) there is a water bottle holder and another large storage compartment. On the outside of this storage compartment is pliers storage. 

Where this bag really shines is comfort. It is equipped with a thick back pad and ergonomically designed shoulder straps that breathe to help keep you drier in hot conditions. The adjustable shoulder straps are lined with Molle webbing and D Rings for gear attachment. The adjustable chest and waist straps add to the comfort and stability of this backpack. Finally this backpack is equipped with a built-in rain cover to help keep your gear dry in wet conditions. 

This is our first fishing backpack. We have used it for several fishing trips and we love it. We love being able to carry the gear on our back without walking lopsided. It is really nice to have our hands free for other things. This backpack holds a lot of gear and it is easy to organize. It is versatile and easy to outfit for different styles of fishing and travels well in any condition.

If you've been noticing others with fishing backpacks and have been considering getting your own this Bassdash 3670 is a loaded with the best features making it an excellent choice. This backpack is available in two colors: Army Green and Jungle Camo (as shown). Order yours now and receive an exclusive $10.00 discount. Offer expires 11/29/2020


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