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Lew's Cat Smash Casting Combo

Dominate the Depths with Lew's Catsmash Casting Combo!

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The Catfish Angler's Choice: Lew's Cat Smash Casting Combo!

Made specifically for avid catfish anglers! Got a big fight coming up with those freshwater beasts? Then you've stumbled upon the right tool - Lew's Cat Smash Casting Combo. Engineered for hefty catfishing, this beauty won't let you down. Its robust design combines power, precision, and supreme control, guaranteeing you a win in any river brawl. Sounds exciting, right?

Key Features

Extra-Durable Reel Construction

  • Our heavy-duty Cat Smash baitcasting combo rests on Lew's rugged 4-bearing 600 size casting reel.
  • Featuring the Zero Reverse® one-way clutch bearing system for incredible retrieval control and unbeatable fish fighting power.

Superior Rod Strength

  • Our robust 1-piece 7'2" MACH catfishing rod uses IM6 graphite / S glass hybrid blank. This combo of materials gives you sensitivity to feel the smallest nibble, yet the strength to reel in the biggest catch.
  • And guess what? It even includes a stainless-steel hook keeper for an effortless and tangle-free storage experience.

Impressive Combo Performance

  • The smooth cranking power of our cat-ready reel paired with the rod's extra-long armored EVA handle and Winn® Dri-Tac fighting foregrip ensures you're in charge when the fight gets intense.
  • Want to reach those elusive fish others can't? Our combo's centrifugal cast control system provides the castability you need.

Big Fish Features

  • Our Cat Smash reel is kitted out with a brass gear and crankshaft, and anodized aluminum spool for maximum durability and strength.
  • Take control of your fight with the 100mm power handle and high-density EVA knobs.
  • Not to forget, the rod is designed with heavy-duty stainless-steel guide frames and aluminum oxide guide inserts to endure abrasive line and long, strenuous fights. Plus, the rod's stripper guide is double-footed for extra durability.

Rock Solid Reliability

  • When you hit the water with our Cat Smash rod and reel, you can be sure of one thing - a rock-solid performance backed by our warranty and support from Lew's dedicated customer service team.

So, ready to ace your next "fishing for catfish" trip? Get your hands on the Lew's Cat Smash Casting Combo, the perfect catfish rod, and let the river battles begin!