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Big Bite Baits 2" Curl Tail Grub

Color: Chartreuse Shine

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Big Bite Baits Curl Tail Grubs are the best crappie bait for anglers who want to fill their cooler with slab crappie. 

The Big Bite Baits Curl Tail Grub is a versatile bait that is perfect for any fishing style or technique. Chunk and wind it, jig it, troll it, there’s no wrong way to fish it, this bait will help you catch more fish than ever before. 

As an angler, you know the importance of having the best crappie bait in your tackle box. The Big Bite Baits Curl Tail Grub will give you the edge you need to catch the biggest fish in the water.

  • 10 Pack
  • 2" Length