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Plano Kayak Soft Crate Tackle Bag

Effortless Gear Organization On the Go!

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Plano Kayak Soft Crate Tackle Bag: Say Hello to Your New Favorite Fishing Buddy!

Step up your game with the Plano Kayak Soft Crate Tackle Bag. The folks at Plano took a good, hard look at what kayak anglers love - the good ol' kayak milk crate - and used it as inspiration. This bag's got your gear covered, helping you keep everything tidy, secure, and within arm's reach.

Why You'll Love It

  • No Sweat to Carry: This tackle bag may be tough, but it's light as a feather. You can tote it around without feeling like you're hauling a sack of bricks.
  • One Size Fits All: Whether you've got a milk crate on your kayak or prefer to go freestyle, this bag's got your back. It's shaped just right to either slot in a crate or sit pretty on your deck.
  • Switch it Up: Don't feel like carrying the whole kitchen sink? No problem! The bag's got a four-panel design that lets you take along just what you need. Plus, you can easily remove panels and mix things up a bit.
  • Room for Everything: The interior's got two big sections for all your gear, plus it's decked out work perfectly with Plano StowAway® utility boxes. Whether you're packing hooks, lures, or that lucky fishing hat, we've got you covered.
  • Double Duty Side Panels: These aren't just for show - they're sturdy carry handles, too. Hauling your gear has never been easier.
  • Lid, Laid Out: We've made the most of this lid. There's a hefty storage area up top and an extra zippered pocket to keep your little bits and bobs safe and sound.
  • Tools at the Ready: Pliers? Hook removers? You'll never have to rummage around for them again, thanks to a bunch of D-rings and two tool holders.
  • Zip, Strap, Lock: With sturdy zippers, straps, and latches, your gear's not going anywhere you don't want it to.

The Plano Kayak Soft Crate Tackle Bag is just what the doctor ordered, whether you're new to the kayak fishing scene and building up your gear, or a seasoned pro who needs everything just so. Get ready to enjoy a smoother, more fun fishing experience with your gear right where you need it!