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Bassdash Long Sleeve Fishing Hoodie

Top Choice for Kayak Anglers: Ultimate Sun Protection & Style

Color: Dark Blue
Size: Small

Typical delivery times range from 10 - 14 days

The Best Fishing Shirt for Kayak Anglers

The Bassdash Long Sleeve Fishing Hoodie is not just another fishing shirt—it's your robust ally against harsh weather conditions. Meticulously crafted from a unique blend of high-quality materials, this UV protection fishing shirt promises unmatched comfort and longevity. The advanced fabric consists of 84% UV Protecting Polyester and 16% Spandex, ensuring excellent UV protection and elasticity. 

Stand Out Features of the Bassdash Long Sleeve Fishing Hoodie

  • Durable Material: The shirt is constructed from an elite blend of 84% UV Protecting Polyester and 16% Spandex fabric. This ensures no pilling, no shrinkage, and excellent color retention, keeping your shirt looking great even after numerous washes.
  • Enhanced Mobility: Thanks to the 4-way stretch material, experience a full range of movement when casting or reeling, providing you with unparalleled freedom during your fishing expeditions.
  • Built-in Hood and Neck Gaiter: This shirt features an integrated hood and neck gaiter. The soft, breathable neck gaiter, enhanced with mesh breathing holes, can also be worn as a mask. It efficiently prevents your sunglasses from fogging up while providing all-day protection against harsh UV rays, wind, dust, and bugs. On colder days, it aids in keeping your head, face, and neck warm.
  • Moisture-Wicking Fabric: The fabric used is not only breathable but also features moisture-wicking technology. This means it can effectively manage perspiration, keeping you dry and comfortable.
  • Breathability: The design is enhanced with mesh panels at two sides of the body and under the sleeves. This addition enhances ventilation, keeping you cool when active in heat.
  • Thumb Loops: The shirt features thumb loops on the cuff of the sleeves. These ensure that the sleeves remain firmly in place, offering added protection for potentially exposed skin between a cuff edge and glove.

Experience the perfect blend of style, comfort, and protection with our Bassdash Long Sleeve Fishing Hoodie—the ultimate UV protection fishing shirt that stands the test of time.