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Bassdash Shadow Light Jig 60g

Premier Jigging Mastery & Saltwater Success

Color: Siamese Tiger
Weight: 60g

Typical delivery times range from 10 to 20 days

Performance engineered action that entices big strikes.

Bassdash has built a reputation for high quality, effective & affordable fishing tackle & gear. The Shadow Light Jig continues that tradition. When the big fish are hanging low, there is nothing like a light jigging lure to hit the perfect spot in the water and stir up a frenzy. With expert engineered action that mimics injured bait fish this light jig is a sure winner. Multi-angle laser printed coating transfers life-like bait fish images right onto the jig. Jig it or cast it, nearly everything will attack these light jigs.

  • Bassdash Shadow Light Jigs come pre-rigged with a #4 VMC treble hook and  1/0 single hook,
  • Designed with one heavy side and one flat side to create erratic wobbling action on the fall.
  • With holographic HD head, body & 3D eyes, the slow jig looks like a falling injured or dead bait fish.
  • Slow drop for catching fish on the way down keeping the jig in the strike zone longer, increasing your chances of catching fish; It is also the perfect casting lure.
  • You can mimic injured bait by pounding the bottom for a reaction strike, or lift and drop at different depths to catch feeding fish.
  • They will prove seriously deadly on a host of fish from rockfish to tuna and all sorts of other species in between.