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Bassdash Shadow Slow Pitch Jig 200g

Bassdash Slow Pitch Jigs: Hook Big Wins in Deep Waters

Color: Siamese Tiger

Typical delivery times range from 10 to 20 days

Experience Elevated Success in Slow Pitch Jigging with Bassdash Vertical Shadow Slow Pitch Jigs

When the goal is to reel in exceptional fish, the superiority of your fishing tackle becomes paramount. Introducing the world-renowned Bassdash, the epitome of quality fishing gear and tackle. Among their offerings, the expertly engineered Slow Pitch Jigs shine brightly, designed to optimize your success rate and revolutionize your slow pitch jigging experience.

Bassdash Vertical Shadow Slow Pitch Jigs: Transforming the Landscape of Jigging

Bassdash jigs differentiate themselves with a signature design - one side heavier and the other flat. This strategic configuration results in a slow-falling jig that displays an irresistible flat fall fluttering action. Unlike speed jigging, these jigs gradually wobble and flutter to the bottom, luring fish along their descent and significantly enhancing your hook-up chances. Such an ingenious design makes our jig effortlessly effective, realizing its full potential throughout the water column.

Key Features of the Bassdash Vertical Shadow Slow Pitch Jigs

  • Constructed from Anti-Corrosive Lead material, promising enduring durability
  • Features a Multi-Angle Laser Coating for enhanced visual appeal
  • Comes with heavy pressed stainless steel split rings for long-lasting resilience
  • Each jig is equipped with two premium Origin assist hooks and 12-strand Japanese Kevlar with a power test of 750 lb. at the head, adding to its robust design
  • The jigs are center balanced with one heavier side and one flat side, resulting in a flat fall jig that exhibits erratic sliding and wobbling motions as it descends to the strike zone
  • The design allows for easy handling and less intensive rod work, making it ideal for both novices and seasoned anglers
  • The slow drop feature increases the lure's time in the strike zone, boosting your odds of successful fishing
  • Its broad appeal attracts a variety of fish species, including Snappers, Groupers, Tunas, Amberjacks, Jacks, Bonito, Kingfish, Rock Cod, Ling Cod, and more

Embark on your next slow pitch jigging adventure armed with the Bassdash Vertical Shadow Slow Pitch Jigs - the ultimate partner for a rewarding fishing experience.