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Blakemore Crappie X-Tractor

Load Your Tackle Box With High-Impact Crappie Lures!

Color: Monkey Milk

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Unleash Your Crappie Catching Potential with the Crappie X-Tractor!

Are you looking for the best crappie lures to add to your tackle box? The Blakemore Crappie X-Tractor is a groundbreaking lure that’s bound to make your crappie fishing adventures even more exciting and fruitful. We're thrilled to introduce this fantastic new bait that is tailor-made for reeling in big crappies with its incredible action and high-quality components.

Why is the Crappie X-Tractor One of the Best Crappie Fishing Lures?

This innovative lure boasts a dynamic combination of a twin button tail and a ribbed underbelly, mounted on the brand new Sickle Hook Road Runner head. The combination is designed to create an irresistible trifecta of sound, flash, and vibration that fish can't ignore!

Key Features of the Blakemore Crappie X-Tractor:

  • Twin Paddle Tail: The unique Bobby Garland body sports a twin button tail which amplifies the water displacement, making it irresistibly lively in the water.
  • Ribbed Underbelly: This special design enhances the bait's realism, and generates additional vibrations to lure crappies effortlessly.
  • New Sickle Hook Road Runner Head: The lure features a scaled finish with inset double eyes, adding a touch of realism that’s sure to fool even the wariest of fish.
  • Enhanced Hook Design: Comes with a 1/0 sickle hook that ensures a reliable and secure catch.
  • Nickel Plated Blade: Adds extra flash and attraction, making it a deadly weapon in your crappie fishing arsenal.
  • Weight: 1/16oz
  • Pre-Rigged with Bobby Garland Slab Hunt’r Tail: Combines the best-selling Original Road Runner head with the Bobby Garland Slab Hunt’r miniature swimbait for unmatched crappie-kicking action.
  • Quantity Per Pack: 1

Armed with the Crappie X-Tractor, you’ll have an edge over the waters and become the envy of fellow anglers. Experience what it's like to fish with one of the best crappie fishing lures on the market. Don't miss out; get your Blakemore Crappie X-Tractor today and let the crappie catching bonanza begin!