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Blakemore Road Runner Slab Runner

Unlock the Secret to Record-Breaking Crappie Catches!

Color: Cajun Cricket
Weight: 1/16oz

Typical delivery times range from 5 to 7 days

Why Choose the Blakemore Road Runner Slab Runner?

The seasoned crappie angler knows it's not just about having a lure on the line; it's about presenting the right temptation. The Slab Runner embodies this principle, crafted for those who know the thrill of a livewell brimming with slab crappie. Below, explore the features that make the Slab Runner the best crappie lure for your tackle box.

  • First-Ever Combination: The first-time pairing of the top-selling Road Runner® crappie jighead with the leading crappie plastic, the Bobby Garland Baby Shad, sets the Slab Runner apart as a pioneering force in crappie baits.
  • Color-Flow Design: With its superb Color-Flow design, the Slab Runner enhances its overall appearance and realism, making it nearly indistinguishable from live bait in the water.
  • Perfectly Matched Underspin Blade: The lure features a two-tone head with an underspin blade that harmonizes with the body color, amplifying its attractiveness to crappie.
  • Versatile Size Options: Available in 1/8oz with a #1 hook and 1/16oz with a #2 hook, the Slab Runner is adaptable to various fishing conditions and techniques.
  • Pre-Rigged for Convenience: Each Slab Runner comes pre-rigged with a painted jig head and a matching Bobby Garland Baby Shad body, ensuring you're ready to fish straight out of the package.
  • Wide Color Selection: Tailor your approach with a wide selection of colors, allowing you to match any fishing condition or crappie preference.

For the angler who seeks the epitome of crappie lures, the Blakemore Road Runner Slab Runner is the ultimate choice. Its innovative design, coupled with the allure of the Bobby Garland Baby Shad, presents an unmatched opportunity to enhance your fishing experience. Ready to cast a line with confidence? The Slab Runner awaits.