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Booms Long Reach Fishing Pliers

Reach deep and easily remove hooks that have been inhaled

Metal Type: Carbon Steel

Typical delivery times range from 21 to 30 days

Introducing Booms high-quality carbon steel Long Reach Fishing Pliers - the perfect tool for any serious angler! These pliers are designed to handle tough catches in deep waters, and their corrosion-resistant finish ensures they'll last you for many fishing trips to come.

The long reach design of these pliers makes them ideal for reaching into tight spaces, and their comfortable grip ensures you'll be able to hold on tight even when dealing with slippery fish. Made from durable carbon steel, these pliers are tough enough to handle the biggest catches without breaking a sweat.

Whether you're fishing in freshwater or saltwater, these pliers are up to the task. With their precision tips, you'll be able to easily remove hooks from even the deepest, most hard-to-reach spots in your catch's mouth.

Order your Booms Long Reach Fishing Pliers today and experience the difference for yourself! These pliers are a must-have for any angler looking to up their game.

  • Reach deep and remove inhaled hooks with ease.
  • Avoid cuts on your fingers from toothy fish.
  • Long reach for big hooks and big fish.
  • Extract hooks with minimal damage to fish.