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Bullet Weights Tungsten Worm Sinker Natural 1/2oz 2 Pack

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More sensitivity, more compact & better for the environment.

These are the only tungsten sinkers you're gonna need...

Tungsten weights have gained popularity among anglers. Tungsten weights are  approximately 50% smaller in size and denser in weight compared to lead weights. Because tungsten is harder than lead you get a better feel of what your bait is doing. Whether you're fishing around wood, rocks, sand or clay bottom you'll feel more of the structure with your bait. Due to their smaller size tungsten weights are less likely to get hung up and snagged. Regarding the environment, tungsten weights do not have the toxic characteristics of lead weights, making them a better choice. The original Bullet Weight is now available in Tungsten. 

  • Package of 2
  • Professional Grade
  • Super sensitive compared against lead
  • Smaller than lead, steel or brass meaning fewer snags

Typical delivery times range from 5 to 10 days.