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Cotton Cordell Super Spot 3/4oz Royal Shad

Best Lure For Bass, Walleye, Stripers, Redfish, Crappie & Panfish

Weight: 3/4 oz.

Typical delivery times range from 5 to 7 days

Catch More Fish With The Cotton Cordell Super Spot!

Tie on a Cotton Cordell Super Spot and be prepared to catch a lot more fish. Fish the weeds and grass with ease as the Super Spot rattles and rips it's way through the vegetation. Designed to cast long and true allowing for covering a lot area. Cast it out and let it sink slow or start retrieving right away to work the shallows. With a loud rattle and a tight wiggle the Super Spot mimics the natural movements of the shiners that bass and other fish simply can't resist. Order yours today and start fishing with the legendary Cotton Cordell Super Spot, the proven tournament winner!

  • Sinking Crankbait
  • Anti-Snag Design
  • Multiple rattles create more noise
  • Long Casting Design
  • Target Various Species
  • C33190