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Eagle Claw Pro Series Avid Kit - Finesse Ned Jig Kit

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Remove any doubt that you have the correct tackle for your next fishing trip...

Avid Bass anglers have a whole new option to quickly fill their tackle boxes with the best Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp tackle. The new Pro-Series Avid kits make it easy to stock up on quality technique specific tackle staples. Working in partnership with YUM baits, Eagle Claw and YUM hand selected the most popular terminal tackle and soft baits for bass fishing and combined them into three unique kits. The LPSKIT3 Finesse/Ned Jig kit contains the latest LNJ Pro-V series of Finesse jigs with 3” YUM dingers. Even timid bass won’t be able to resist this finesse presentation!

This product takes between 5 and 10 days to arrive.