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Eagle Claw PVJC PRO-V Chenille Crappie Jig

Elevate your crappie fishing game to legendary status!

Color: Blue/Chartreuse

Typical delivery times range from 5 to 7 days

Eagle Claw PVJC PRO-V Chenille Crappie Jig: The Ultimate Crappie Lure!

Attention crappie anglers, meet your next favorite bait. If you're in search of the best bait for crappie, look no further than the Eagle Claw PVJC PRO-V Chenille Crappie Jig. Expertly designed by Eagle Claw Fishing to be the premium crappie lure for top anglers.

Why Choose This Jig for Crappie Fishing?

There's more to this jig than just its enticing appearance.

  • Authenticity: Crafted with the American-Made Eagle Claw® 500 Jig Hook, ensuring top-notch quality and durability.
  • Pro-V Bend: A distinctive bend that boasts a sleek profile, which not only aids in holding the bait in place but is also stronger than other round bend hooks. Once your crappie is hooked, the Pro-V Bend design ensures it stays secured by leading the catch to the deepest point of the hook.
  • Flying Eye Head Design: Making the Pro-V Crappie Jigs shine brighter in the water, its uniquely shaped holographic eyes offer an irresistible flash that crappies can't help but chase.
  • Hand-tied Perfection: Adorned with a chenille body and complemented by a tinsel flash marabou tail, its appearance perfectly mimics real prey.

In the quest for the best crappie lures, the Eagle Claw PVJC PRO-V Chenille Crappie Jig stands unparalleled. Grab yours now and let the crappie-catching commence!